Kansas City Chiefs' Tony Gonzales Is Best Tight End In NFL History ... Right?

By Troy Alan
Denny Medley – USA Today Sports

Tony Gonzales is the greatest NFL tight end to ever play the game, let alone for the Kansas City Chiefs. We all know that.

Out of curiosity, I went in search of some others that were pretty darn good themselves, but were living in the darkness of his shadow. To my surprise, I found a place where he’s not even the best in Chiefs history — a fantasy land if you will.

Upon Googling “Kansas City Chiefs tight ends”, I found myself at fantasyfootballchallenge.com and feeling as though I was Alice and I’d just followed a talking rabbit into the shadow of his hole. I’ve played in many fantasy football leagues over the years and all of them have had different methods of scoring.

If there is a fantasy standard scoring system, I am unaware of it. But this site claims out of the 79 tight ends to play for the Chiefs, Curtis McClinton is the one you want on your team.

He played high school football at Wichita North, the same school where Barry Sanders played. He was a standout at Kansas University, where his name is forever enshrined in the Ring of Honor at Memorial Stadium. He’s also an inductee in the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame.

The site stated that in 93 games with the Chiefs, McClinton averaged 5.56 fantasy points per game, with Gonzales (5.3) second on the list. So just like Alice, I looked deeper. Tony had played in 190 games, so maybe this guy was a real stud, but just had a shorter career?

I started with career receiving yards where the NFL record holder, Gonzales, had over 10,000 more than McClinton. Then I looked at receptions, Gonzales by almost 900, and finally receiving touchdowns where Tony held an advantage of 62. I had drank the cup and eaten the cake. I was definitely in Wonderland.

It was an interesting land. I learned that Gonzales and McClinton were two of only three Kansas City tight ends to throw a pass (Walter White the other). Tony has 40 career passing yards while Curtis has 33 and a touchdown.

I was mesmerized by how many rushing yards Chiefs tight ends had acquired. 3,839 total yards after removing the seven yards lost by two of them in their only carries.  I didn’t recall my team ever running an offense that rushed the TE that much.

That’s when I was awakened to the truth. McClinton was a halfback that was on the Chiefs’ Super Bowl IV championship team as a backup tight end. If you believe he’s the best TE in Chiefs history, you’ve eaten the magic mushroom.

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