Miami Dolphins Running Game Can Only Improve

By Jeff Everette
Daniel Thomas-Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports
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The Miami Dolphins have one thing they can certainly look forward to this weekend. It isn’t Ryan Tannehill facing off against fellow sophomore Andrew Luck. It isn’t the nasty defense lining up across from a shaky Indianapolis Colts front line. It is not seeing offensive weapon Mike Wallace torch former Dolphin Vontae Davis. Instead of all of those, it is the re-introduction of Lamar Miller as Miami’s starting running back that should have everyone excited on Sunday afternoon.

It may seem odd, especially considering Miller managed just three yards in his debut in Week 1, but the Dolphins’ fans can get excited about seeing their team’s running game this week, simply because there is no way it can be as bad as it was against the Cleveland Browns.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Miller, Daniel Thomas and Tannehill, the Dolphins managed just 20 total yards on the ground last Sunday. Miami came away with the win, so concern over the rushing attack has been tempered a bit, but it is an issue that absolutely must improve if the Dolphins are going to advance beyond an 8-8 record.

The Colts also won their Week 1 matchup, but they gave up the second most yards in the entire NFL in the process. Unfortunately for the Dolphins, only 50 of the 171 yards Indianapolis gave up on the ground were to the Oakland Raiders running backs. Quarterback Terrelle Pryor racked up the rest. While Tannehill is a mobile quarterback, he does not have the ability of a runner like Pryor.

Still, the Raiders showed some of the holes in the Colts run defense. If Miller can live up to any of his offseason hype, the Dolphins will be able to maintain more balance on offense. With balance, the Dolphins can be scary-good. Not Denver Broncos scary-good, but good enough to legitimately challenge the struggling New England Patriots, and that is enough to get any fan excited.

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