Philadelphia Eagles' Defense Flops At Home, Needs Changes

By williambontrager
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

For those who watched this game against the San Diego Chargers and expected to see an aggressive defensive front like the last game, let us pick our deflated selves up off the ground. Where was the pass rush? Philip Rivers began growing gray with all the time he was sitting in the pocket. The offensive line of the opponents stuffed the pass rush, and since the Philadelphia Eagles can’t pass cover, they need to just send more blitzes. The results can’t be any worse than what was left on the field earlier today.

Sometimes in the NFL,  statistics don’t always tell the exact tale. Today was a huge exception. Connor Barwin managed to get a sack, Trent Cole swooped around crusty King Dunlap and hurried up Rivers, and the team did get two turnovers. Other than that, there was nothing but bad news.

Rivers and his team converted third downs like he was playing John Madden against the CPU on easy mode.  He had 33 first downs, and ten of those, not a whopping surprise, were passing plays. Rivers dropped back 47 times and was only sacked once. That is beyond horrible! The linebackers were showing themselves early, and the quarterback noticed and beat the Birds on the square routes and the post. Antonio Gates and Eddie Royal bounced off of defenders swatting them like little green flies.

Something has to change. Switch Cary Williams to safety, bench the woeful Nate Allen, and bring more blitzes. Sure, you have a chance that you allow a big play, but the quarterback has to feel pressure in the pocket. Rivers is the type of passer that can be rattled to make a bad decision and has proved that countless times in the past.

As for the interior rush? I don’t know. It was pathetic, but what do you do about it? Brandon Boykin, who actually had a good game, after the game honestly said “we played terrible.”

Yes, they did. This week is a short week and Andy Reid in his big red shirt is waddling into Philadelphia and will chew up a weak defense like a greasy cheese steak. Changes need to happen on defense and quickly.

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