Philadelphia Eagles Need A Mobile Backup Quarterback

By Carter Roane
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, we have gotten a good look at Chip Kelly and his Philadelphia Eagles offense. So what did we see?

Well, there weren’t any formations that were too crazy. The offensive line wasn’t defying gravity. Nothing earth-shattering like that. What we did see was a very, very fast style of play. The special teams were crazy fast. It created a lot of space for the defense of the Washington Redskins and if there is one thing a defensive line hates dealing with against an offense, it is space.

It made for a very exciting, entertaining brand of football. This is an offense that seems perfect for quarterback Michael Vick, running back LeSean McCoy and wide receiver DeSean Jackson. The Redskins defense looked exhausted. The Eagles were moving so fast even the ESPN announcers seemed out of breath.

There were 53 plays in the first half. Are you kidding me? I didn’t think it was possible to move at a tempo like that. Vick took 30 snaps in the first 15 minutes. Ironically, Kelly thought his offense could be faster.

So, it has been shown that this blur offense can translate from college and do well in the NFL. But is it sustainable? That’s a word that you seem to hear being used in discussions about the Eagles a lot recently. Can they keep up this crazy pace all season? And another question is, can Vick keep up all season?

This offense seems perfect for someone with Vick’s mobility, but he has a history of getting injured and gets sacked a lot because he is such a double threat. He also is 32-years old and has lost a step or two.

The Eagles’ backup quarterback is Nick Foles, a much more traditional pocket passer. This blur offense doesn’t seem like it will do as well without someone who can move like Vick, who can give an offense so many more options. The Eagles should really think about having more than one mobile quarterback in case of injury and for the future.

They should be recruiting at colleges and really looking at young, athletic quarterbacks who can best fit in their style of offense. Kelly’s offense looks like it can really confuse some defenses, tire them out and make players feel clueless. However, for it to be effective in the long term after Vick is gone, they need the same style of quarterback who can keep up the frantic pace.

This could be a great year for the Eagles, but they better hope and pray Vick has his best year injury-wise, and they need to be thinking about the future if they want this blur offense to stick around.

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