Roger Godell Will Be Busy This Week

By Dustin Manko
Roger Godell
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One of the pillars of being a good leader, CEO or judge is consistency. If exhibit A is a penalty worth 15 yards in week one, it had sure better be a penalty worth 15 yards in week 17. With that being stated, NFL commissioner Roger Godell will have a busy week this week, reviewing a few high hits worthy of fines and or suspensions.

I noticed a bunch of high hits being thrown around by the Washington Redskins, but Brandon Meriweather really stood out. Meriweather went head to head against Eddie Lacy of the Green Bay Packers, resulting in Lacy becoming concussed and missing the remainer of the day. It may have only looked like a little contact, but the best replay I have seen as I write this appears to show Meriweather leaving his feet and making initial contact with his head on the head of Lacy.

This is not the first time Meriweather would have had to answer a call from the league office, just ask Steve Smith or Todd Heap.

Call it karma, but in the second quarter on a James Starks run, Meriweather kept his feet on the ground but went directly into the head of Starks with his own head. In all fairness, Starks did lower his head in preparation for the hit. The result was Meriweather leaving the day with a concussion of his own. It will be interesting to see how the league views that one…

While I do have sympathy for the injured, just because Meriweather became concussed does not excuse him for his actions.

There was also a vicious hit on Malcom Floyd by safety Nate Allen and linebacker DeMeco Ryans in the Philadelphia Eagles at San Diego Chargers game. For the record, Allen played it clean, but I take issue with the Ryans hit. Replay clearly shows Ryans making contact with Floyd’s head after Allen already had Floyd wrapped up. I’m not sure how anyone could argue that Floyd was anything but a defenseless receiver. The principal point of contact was the forearm of Ryans to the head of Floyd, resulting in Floyd’s neck appearing to get pushed down into his torso. Floyd lay relatively motionless for a very long while on the field and was ultimately carted off and taken to a local hospital. As I’m writing this I just heard that Floyd is currently awake and has control of his extremities at a local hospital.

I wish all injured players in this article a speedy recovery.

All this occurred in just two games. Based on the tick tack fines that Godell laid down last week, expect some players to be getting calls from the league office this week.

As always, I welcome your comments. If you think I’m wrong, I’m willing to listen. Just back it up with some facts and solid evidence. Thanks for reading and good luck this season.

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