Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Defense Showing Confidence in Week 2

By Michael Terrill
Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Defense Showing Confidence in Week 2
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Say what you want about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It is true they have lost their first two games of the 2013 season, one against a very talented offense and one against a team they should have definitely beat. However, the Buccaneers must hang their heads high and continue getting better. In fact, the defense, a group of men that have played with authority the first two weeks, is a unit the rest of the team can build off of going forward.

“They’ve played unbelievable, especially in this game,” quarterback Josh Freeman said, according to Buccaneers.com. “They gave us a chance.  Offensively, we didn’t come out and have the kind of game we think we needed to have to win the game.  Hats off to those guys – they played tremendously tonight.”

The Tampa Bay defense held the explosive New Orleans Saints’ offense to just 16 points. Drew Brees did manage to throw for 322 yards, but he also attempted 46 passes. The important part about his statistics is that he was held to just one passing touchdown, threw two interceptions and was sacked four times.

It is certainly difficult to lose two games by a combined three points. It is even more difficult to come so close to defeating the Saints only to lose on a last-second field goal, the second one in two games. With that being said, Tampa Bay’s defense showed the rest of the NFL that they are a determined bunch. If anyone thought the Buccaneers were going to be a walk in the park, they better think again.

The good news is Tampa Bay is filled with confident players who feed off each other. If anything, these first two weeks have been valuable learning experiences that the team can use in the ensuing games.

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