Week 2 Post-Game Overreaction: Chicago Bears

By M. Quann Boyd

What if I told you there was a Week 2 NFL match-up in which there was an opening kickoff returned for touchdown, the 2012 league MVP rushed for ten yards in the first quarter, both teams combined for seven turnovers and 62 points total were put on the board. You would probably think that it was a sloppy game and the team that had the least turnovers came out victorious. Well, you’d be right on the first count, not so much on the second. The Chicago Bears once again Houdini’d their way to a win over division rival Minnesota Vikings with a final drive by one point.

Playing much of the game in mucky conditions, the Bears’ offense actually looked good as for much of the first half as they either received the ball in great field position or conducted masterful drives. Unfortunately, a fumble on by Jay Cutler on one drive and an interception in the end zone on first-and-goal while threatening to score kept the Vikings in the game. The defense, for the most part, kept Adrian Peterson bottled up, forcing the Vikings to rely on the unreliable arm of Christian Ponder. To Ponder’s credit, he played a decent game, and at one point the young quarterback had the Vikings in position to steal a victory in the Windy City.

But like I said, it was an ugly game.

The Week 2 match-up for the Bears came down to Cutler and the offense stepping up despite preforming poorly early. But it’s the finish that matters most in football. And the final result is that regardless to how hideous all phases of the game—offense, defense and special teams–looked for the Bears, they are 2-0. After Week 2 there will be a few teams that would wish for a 2-0 record, and after losing two close contests, the Vikings will be one of those teams.

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