Absolutely No Reason Why Jacksonville Jaguars Shouldn't Bring in Tim Tebow

By RanterX
Tim Tebow NFL: New England Patriots-Training Camp
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Despite the absolute joke that is their favorite NFL franchise, fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars continue to push for the team to sign free agent quarterback Tim Tebow, who was released by the New England Patriots just before the start of the season. In fact, Jaguars fans held a rally on Monday with the sole purpose to persuade the team to sign Tebow, and who can blame them? It’s absolutely mind-numbing the Jaguars still haven’t signed Tebow and their fans have a right to be upset.

Everybody knows Blaine Gabbert isn’t the franchise’s future at quarterback, and neither is Chad Henne. The team doesn’t have a quarterback on the roster who has a prayer of becoming the face of the franchise, so why in the world wouldn’t Jacksonville at least bring in Tebow to be part of the quarterback competition?

Even if the team has no intention of making Tebow its quarterback, bringing him in would raise tickets sales, garner media attention and sell No. 5 jerseys. That would be disastrous for every other team in the league, but not the Jaguars. Their fan base is dwindling by the day just like their viewership and their attendance. Heck, an Orlando television station required to air Jaguars away games publicly apologized to its viewers for not being able to air the third editing of the Manning Bowl on Sunday.

Above all, Tebow would not be the worst quarterback on the Jaguars’ roster. Plus, he would at least add to the sorry excuse for a quarterback competition that’s going on there now. I mean seriously, the man is from Jacksonville and he reportedly wants to play for his hometown team. At this point, the Jaguars are just stupid for not bringing him him.


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