Criticism is Nothing New To Eli Manning

By Andrew Fisher
Eli Manning
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It’s been a rough start for Eli Manning and the New York Giants. The team currently sits a 0-2 and tied for last place in the NFC East. As you might expect, Manning is taking a lot of the blame for his team’s start. That’s going to happen when your last name is Manning and you’ve set the bar extremely high by winning two Super Bowls during your tenure with the team.

Everybody is piling on Eli after his four interception performance in the Manning Bowl on Sunday. The third showdown with his big brother certainly didn’t go as planned. The New York Post didn’t hold back, even putting the caption ‘Mommy!’ underneath Eli’s picture in their Manning Bowl recap. But is any of this even remotely surprising? People have been ripping on Eli ever since he requested a draft day trade after going number one overall to the San Diego Chargers.

To his credit, he’s proved to the football world time and time again, that he’s as good as anybody when push comes to shove.

But even though Manning has played poorly at times this season (seven interceptions in two games), I think the larger point is – where would the Giants be without him? Their defense is giving up points left and right and their rushing game has gained a total of 73 yards over the first two games. Without Eli, I shutter to think how bad the Giants would be. At the same time, the criticisms of their signal-caller are fair. I just think people need to keep them in perspective.

Eli will back bounce. He’s faced a ton of adversity in his career and thus far, he’s overcame it all. There’s no reason to think he won’t do it again in 2013.


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