In the Debate Between No. 12s, I'm Taking Aaron Rodgers

By Michael Tiscia
Aaron Rodgers
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If you were to ask any NFL fan to name some of the top quarterbacks in the league today, you will get answers such as: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Drew Brees and Matt Ryan just to name a few. However, there seems to be an ongoing debate between two guys who just happen to wear the same number, 12.

If you guessed Rodgers and Andrew Luck, well you got the number right but no. The comparison being made between No. 12s is always going to be between Rodgers and Brady.

Both Rodgers and Brady have won league MVPs and Super Bowl MVPs, but if I had one choice between the two, I’m going Rodgers. Rodgers has only been a starting QB in the NFL for five years (he was drafted in 2005 and studied behind legendary Green Bay Packers QB Brett Favre) so let’s take the stats from both Rodgers’ first five seasons and Brady’s first five seasons. From there, you decide!

In only his first five years as starting quarterback for the Packers, Rodgers has put up remarkable stats. He has thrown for a combined 21,332 yards, 170 touchdowns, 35 interceptions, and has a completion percentage of 65.9. In Brady’s first five seasons as a starter (2001-2005) he accumulated a total of 18,029 yards, 123 touchdowns, 66 interceptions and had a completion percentage of 62.

If you are a stats person, well, there you go. Rodgers’ numbers are better than Brady’s in their first five seasons. Now, many will say that Brady in those first five seasons won three Super Bowls and was MVP of two of them. This is true. However, in my opinion, Super Bowl championships are built and won by a team, not a single player. Not to mention, Rodgers in his first five seasons has won a Super Bowl and MVP as well.

This debate has grown so strong over the past few seasons and is in all reality a great debate to have. It has been topic of discussion on TV shows like ESPN First Take. This show’s motto is “Embrace Debate” and the Rodgers vs. Brady debate was amazing to see. Stephen A. Smith has been a fan of Rodgers and to this day refers to him as “a bad man” while Skip Bayless takes the side of Brady. This is just another clear example of how big the comparison between the two quarterbacks has grown.

No matter what side you take, it is a great, growing debate. Brady is a first ballot Hall of Fame player; there is no question about that. In no way am I downplaying what he has done in his career. But, if you are going to sit here today and ask me who I want to be my starting QB when I take the field, I’m going with Mr. Discount Double Check himself, Aaron Rodgers!

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