Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Woes Stem From Poor Offensive Line Play

By Joey Farbo
Jacksonville Jaguars Chad Henne
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars offense is on pace for a historically bad season, but the root of the problem may not be obvious to casual observers.

While quarterbacks traditionally shoulder most of the blame for an offensive struggles, it has been the Jaguars offensive line that has been the biggest culprit for their poor start. Through two games, the Jaguars offensive line has surrendered 11 sacks and has failed to open up any holes to get their ground game going.

That isn’t to defend the quarterback play the Jaguars have gotten from Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne over the first two games, but it is harder for a quarterback to do his job when the line cannot keep him upright long enough to get the ball downfield. The game plan during Sunday’s loss to the Oakland Raiders showed the concern the Jaguars coaching staff has for this offensive line. Most of the Jaguars passing plays involved routes that were designed to get the ball out quickly to compensate for the lack of time the offensive line was giving Henne.

Neither Jaguars quarterback is good enough to compensate for a porous offensive line and running back Maurice Jones-Drew appears to have lost his ability to pick up chunks of yards regardless of how good the blocking in front of him is, so unless the play along the Jaguars offensive line improves drastically this offense will continue to struggle to move the football. Unfortunately for the Jaguars, help is not coming at any point this season and they are stuck with what they have along the offensive line.

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