New York Giants Need Turnovers to Stop

By Jay Cullen
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY

The New York Giants have moved the ball well, but if the turnovers don’t stop, it doesn’t matter. The truth is that it starts with Eli Manning. Manning has seven interceptions in two weeks, a truly awful number. Manning has continued to struggle with turning the ball over. Season after season, people like to look the other way and say he got unlucky, but now it is become clear that he is just a quarterback who throws lots of interceptions.

Throwing interceptions is even worse than it seems as well. The team that throws fewer interceptions wins 78 percent of the time. If Manning cannot stop throwing interceptions, the Giants will always find themselves as underdogs. In both games Manning has put up huge passing numbers, throwing for 450 last week and 353 this week. Again, none of that matters when he throws so many interceptions.

Still, his passing proficiency is somewhat encouraging. If he can stop throwing interceptions, the Giants should take off. David Wilson held onto the ball much better this week; his technique was pristine. Furthermore, the Giants have illustrated that they are deep with options at wide receiver and tight end as well. With so much talent, good things are to come.

The Giants are actually not in a bad place. They are one game back in the division with lots of time to go. Not only that, but they had to play the Broncos, arguably the best team in the league. The Giants can win the division title this year, especially because other NFC East teams all showed glaring weaknesses this week.

The Giants’ disease so far has been turnovers; luckily, it’s curable.

Jay Cullen is a New York Giants writer for Follow him on Twitter @JayCullen92.

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