Philadelphia Eagles' Pass Rush Needs To Step It Up to Help Their Secondary

By Sonny Bryan
Eagles Pass-Rush
Howard Smith- USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles have solid pass rushers on their team, but we have yet to see them get to the quarterback on a consistent basis so far in their first two games.

As we all know the Eagles simply do not have a good secondary, and anyone who watched yesterday’s game against the San Diego Chargers realized that. However, when a team lacks talent in the secondary, the pass-rush needs to step it up to help them. If a quarterback is under pressure, then it makes the job of the safeties and cornerbacks much easier. This is what needs to happen to help improve this struggling defense.

When the Eagles played the Washington Redskins in Week 1, there were a lot of blitzes up the middle and solid pressure from the outside. This made Robert Griffin III uncomfortable and allowed the Eagles to grab a victory despite the defense backing off in the fourth quarter. In that game the Eagles were able to sack RG3 three times and had nine quarterbacks hits on him. This pressure also resulted in RG3 throwing two interceptions and made the Eagles’ secondary look stellar. However, this wasn’t the case yesterday. The Eagles were only able to get one sack and one hit against Philip Rivers. This is simply not cutting it. If you can’t get pressure on a quarterback, no secondary will successful.

When the Eagles were playing the Chargers, the Chargers’ offensive line did an excellent job picking up the blitz. It seemed like the Eagles’ blitz was almost hitting a brick wall every time they tried to get to Rivers. The Chargers offensive coordinator and ex-head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, Ken Whisenhunt, definitely did his homework on the Eagles’ defense. I don’t think people realized that Whisenhunt knows Billy Davis’ defense extremely well since he was the defensive coordinator during Whisenhunt’s tenure with the Cardinals. This probably improved the Chargers’ offense this week, and it definitely exposed the Eagles on defense.

The Eagles have a lot of talented pass rushers on their defense with guys like Trent Cole, Connor Barwin, Brandon Graham, and Fletcher Cox. These guys need to step it up against the Kansas City Chiefs in Thursday night’s match-up or Alex Smith will be able to pick the Eagles’ secondary apart.

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