Ray Rice Joins List of NFL Players To Rip Fantasy Football; What's the Point?

By Andrew Fisher
Ray Rice
USA Today Sports

In what seems to be a weekly occurrence these days, Ray Rice has ripped into Fantasy Football owners. This comes on the heels of a hip injury that limited him to 36 yards rushing in the Baltimore Ravens‘ week two victory over the Cleveland Browns. Apparently, fantasy owners let the running back know how badly he disappointed them via Twitter and Rice responded with this:

Now as opposed to David Wilson, who called fantasy owners ‘irrelevant’ following his terrible week one performance, Rice at least covered his tracks a little by saying that he still loved everybody. But if that’s the case, why even say anything at all? If NFL players find fantasy football so insignificant, why even pay attention to it? Furthermore, any ‘fan’ who rips a player for getting hurt, is an idiot of epic proportions who doesn’t deserve a response.

By acknowledging these morons that tweet ridiculous things, Rice and others are only fueling the fire. If they think fantasy football is just a silly game, they should just act like it doesn’t even exist. As long as fantasy is still around (and it’s clearly not going anywhere), owners are going to say and wish for selfish things.

NFL players who don’t like fantasy need to start taking the high road. If the tweets they get really bother them, that’s just too bad. Block user is an option on Twitter for a reason.


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