San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks in Ugly Game

By M. Quann Boyd
Colin Kaepernick
Joe Nicholson USA Today Sports

The Week 2 Sunday Night match-up between the defending NFC champion San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks coming into the season looked to be a heavy weigh fight the likes of Floyd Mayweather versus Canelo Alvarez. Instead, thus far the actual game between the two NFC West rivals has been anything but. Rather than a knockdown drag-out game where second year starters Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson toss the ball around CenturyLink Field, 49ers at Seahawks has been a chippy game that’s ugly on the eyes.

To further complicate matters, there was also a lengthy one-hour delay of game due to lightening storms. And if one were to think that after the long layoff, both teams would come out explosive and put some points on the board. Sorry. Nope. Never happened.

Listen. I get it. These two squads don’t like each other. They are true rivals in this modern NFL, but foes or not, their combined first half of football left a lot to be desired. With a score akin to mid-September pennant races, either teams offense could sustain a drive that resulted in an actual touchdown. Penalties were also drive killers for both the 49ers and Seahawks with the two teams combining for 56 yards in penalties on nine infractions.

At this point, which ever team can get some type of sustained offensive rhythm will get the victory. However, I don’t see the tone of the game changing much. Hits will be made and points will be at a premium.

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