Seattle Seahawks Show Why They're the Team to Beat in the NFC

By Andrew Fisher
Seattle Seahawks
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We all knew the Seattle Seahawks were going to be good coming into 2013. They were touted all offseason as a legitimate contender for the NFC crown, after falling just short of the title game a season ago. I wasn’t fully on board with all the hype they were getting, that is, until Sunday night. The Seahawks put an absolute beatdown on the San Francisco 49ers and let the rest of the conference know that the road to the Super Bowl will run through Seattle.

For as much hype as the Seahawks/49ers game was getting, it had to be a disappointing contest for general NFL fans. But if you root for the blue and neon green, you had a big smile on your face for most of the second half.

In the end, it was 29-3 and the Seahawks didn’t even put up 300 yards of total offense. That’s the scariest part of all, this team hasn’t even hit its stride offensively. But when you have an absolutely stacked defense, it makes life a little bit easier.

Everyone saw how great the 49ers and Colin Kaepernick looked in week one. They beat another top-notch NFC team by putting up a lot of points. Nobody, outside of the Seattle locker room, could have predicted how flat the 49ers would have looked in this one. Kaepernick went from throwing three touchdowns and 400 yards, to three interceptions, zero touchdowns and 127 yards.

Seattle’s offense is still a work in progress. But don’t forget, they have an ace in the hole. Percy Harvin is going to be back at some point this season and he will instantly make them more explosive. In the meantime, Richard Sherman and the Seattle defense have things under control. Sure, they’re not going to be that dominant every week, but I don’t think it’s out of the question for them to play near that level all season.

It’s 2013 and offense is king in the NFL. There’s no denying it. But I think the old saying that ‘defense wins championships,’ is still very much applicable. Until another team shows me something to change my mind, the Seattle Seahawks are the best overall team in the NFC.


Richard Sherman Slap Jim Harbaugh On the Rear Following Beatdown


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