Tim Tebow to the Jacksonville Jaguars A Smart Business Move for Franchise

By Will Reeve
Tim Tebow
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars are holding a 3:16 p.m. rally at the team’s Everbank Field parking lot Monday to urge ownership to sign Tim Tebow according to ESPN.

The 3:16 p.m. rally is scheduled to last three hours and sixteen minutes, clearly referencing the bible verse Tebow wore on his eye black in college while with the Florida Gators. With Blaine Gabbert being injured and quite possibly the only quarterback worse than Tebow in the NFL right now, and Tebow being a native to the area, this may be Tebow’s last shot to be a starting quarterback in the league.

While there is no way of knowing if ownership will listen to the fans’ outcry, they would be wise to from a business standpoint.

According to jags-Tebow.com thousands have professed they would buy season tickets if Tebow were signed, and for a team that offers zero allure to its fledgling fan-base, why not? Currently, Tebow still is ranked as the fifth most popular player in the league (according to national polling conducted by ESPN) and still has the fifth highest selling jersey even though he isn’t on an active roster.

When Tebow chose the New York Jets over his hometown Jaguars before last season, it seemed apparent his career as a starting quarterback was probably over. He chose a staff that included perhaps the worst offensive coordinator in recent history in Tony Sporano and a head coach who was committed to the abysmal Mark Sanchez. However, if Tebow could somehow land on the worst team in the league, he may finally get a lengthy and legitimate shot at some playing time for a team that nothing is expected of — the perfect situation for him.

Perhaps we haven’t seen the last of Tebow in the NFL after all. We certainly haven’t heard his name for the last time no matter how poorly he throws the ball — he’s simply too polarizing and too likable. I, for one, am still pulling for him.

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