Too Early To Call Miami Dolphins a Real Threat in AFC

By Andrew Fisher
Miami Dolphins
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Miami Dolphins‘ fans are excited and who can blame them? The Dolphins are now 2-0 after pulling off a really nice week two upset of the Indianapolis Colts. Thus far, it looks like the slew of offseason acquisitions the front office made, are paying off. But as much progress as it looks like Miami has made, it’s still very early on in the 2013 season.

Wins are wins in the NFL, but a victory over the Cleveland Browns is certainly nothing to brag about. The Colts were a playoff team a year ago, but they don’t look like the same team that won 11 games in 2012. But again, winning is all that matters and that’s all the Dolphins have done so far. Head coach Joe Philbin might not be far off the mark with his ‘one helluva team in the making,’ comment. But business is about to pick up in a big way for the Dolphins starting in week three.

The good news is that they finally get to play a home game. The bad news is that the Atlanta Falcons are coming to town. The following week they’ll get their first really tough road test as they head to the Superdome to battle the New Orleans Saints and then the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens will head to South Beach in week five. The Dolphins have a bye in week six and I believe we should wait until then, before we make a true analysis of how good this new-look Miami team really is.

Things are most certainly trending upward for the Dolphins and the signs are there that this franchise has finally turned the corner. There’s just not enough evidence to call them a playoff team, yet.


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