What Must Cleveland Browns do to be Victorious in Week 3?

By Michael Terrill
What Must Cleveland Browns do to be Victorious in Week 3
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns can hold their head high after keeping the game close against the defending Super Bowl champions. Correction, Cleveland’s defense can hold their head high after holding the Baltimore Ravens to just 14 points.

The offense is a major concern heading into Week 3, which is something that must be fixed if the Browns want to be victorious against the Minnesota Vikings. The fact is people outside of the organization are not surprised to see Cleveland struggle offensively. In my opinion, Brandon Weeden is not a very good quarterback. I still have a hard time figuring out why the organization would part ways with Colt McCoy for someone that will break even at best.

The good news is Weeden and the offense understands what they must do.

“We have to score when the opportunities are there,” Weeden said, according to ESPN.com. “We weren’t able to sustain our drives. We need to capitalize on any opportunities we get.”

The bad news is it does not seem the offense has the fire power to get in the end zone on a consistent basis.

Weeden did not throw an interception on Sunday, which is certainly a step in the direction after he tossed three to the Miami Dolphins in Week 1. Unfortunately, he also did not throw a touchdown pass and was sacked five times.

The Browns will have an excellent chance next weekend to record their first win of the season. The Vikings have struggled mightily against the pass and the run this year. Not to mention, Christian Ponder has been less than stellar under center. I believe Cleveland’s defense will have no problem making Minnesota one-dimensional on offense. It is just a matter of the offense being able to match the Vikings, who have averaged 27 points this season, on the scoreboard.

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