Darrelle Revis Reportedly Unhappy With Greg Schiano; Coach's Seat Starting To Get Hot?

By Andrew Fisher
Greg Schiano
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Things haven’t exactly gone as planned for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers thus far in 2013. The team is off to an 0-2 start after losing two tough games late in the fourth quarter. Last week rumors emerged that quarterback Josh Freeman and head coach Greg Schiano aren’t exactly on the same page. This came after buzz that Schiano allegedly rigged the Bucs’ team captain voting to make sure Freeman wasn’t elected. Now, reports have emerged stating that Darrelle Revis is also unhappy with the head coach.

Revis’ unhappiness is said to be rooted in the fact Schiano runs a zone coverage scheme on defense and also that he just doesn’t like his coaching style, in general. Schiano apparently runs the Bucs in a pretty strict manner, which in vastly different from Rex Ryan, who Revis played under during his time in New York.

If you remember back to the beginning of last year, Schiano drew lots of criticism for having his defenders go full bore on a kneel down play at the end of a game. Players around the league remarked that things are done that way at this level. So one could conclude that Schiano probably runs the Bucs a little more like a college program than others do around the league.

Revis did take to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to calm down all the chatter:

He also tweeted that he was excited about the team moving forward. But in both tweets, he didn’t mention anything about the rumors being false.

So after all of the gossip that’s been going on in Tampa, you have to wonder – if the Bucs continue to lose, will Schiano’s seat get hot?

I don’t think it’s out of the question. If this team ends up 0-6, it would be surprising if they didn’t can their head coach. Winning is the only thing that will make these rumors go away. If the Bucs can start putting more Ws on the board, I’m willing to bet that Revis will warm up to Schiano’s coaching style. As for Freeman, I still don’t see him in a Bucs uniform beyond 2013, regardless of who’s coaching the team.


Bucs Need Everyone On the Same Page 


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