New England Patriots Rumors: Danny Amendola is Considering Surgery

By Andrew Fisher
Danny Amendola
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The New England Patriots have had nothing but bad luck with their big name pass-catchers so far in 2013. After losing Wes Welker in the offseason, the team looked to the free agent market and signed Danny Amendola to essentially replace him. After Aaron Hernandez was hauled off to jail in June, even more pressure mounted on the surgically repaired back of Rob Gronkowski. Thus far in 2013, Amendola and Gronkowski have yet to take the field together and that trend looks like it could continue well into the season.

While the latest news on Gronk is somewhat encouraging, the latest on Amendola certainly isn’t of the ‘good’ variety. The wide receiver of course suffered a groin injury in the team’s season opener and since then, speculation on his return has run rampant. Initially it was thought that he would just miss a couple weeks, but then reports started to surface that the WR could need surgery. As of right now, Amendola is said to be heavily weighing his options and that surgery is most definitely one of them. Crazily enough, though, he’s still limping through practice.

The main issue at hand is whether he has a sports hernia. All of the doctors that have examined the WR agree that he has torn abductor muscles, but they can’t all agree on the sports hernia. If in fact he does have a sports hernia, the surgery required would sideline him for at least another month.

As bad as all that sounds, his 2013 season still won’t be lost either way (in theory). However, there’s a good chance he could miss half of the year when it’s all said and done. But if you’re a Patriots’ fan that’s trying to stay positive, it might be better for him to go under the knife now and return at full health for the stretch run. The worst case scenario would be for him to come back too soon and end his season all together. But with Amendola, we all know there aren’t any safe bets when it comes to his injuries.


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