New York Giants' Running Game Is Main Reason For 0-2 Start

By Steven Carollo
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants are now 0-2 on the year after their loss at home to the Denver Broncos on Sunday. In the past, the Giants have started out 0-2 and went on to win the Super Bowl, but this time, there is some cause for concern.

Eli Manning has thrown seven interceptions in the first two games of the year, and while many have him as the goat, there is a much bigger problem with the Giants: their running game. Led by David Wilson and now Brandon Jacobs, it has been pitiful thus far — and that is putting it lightly.

Want to hear a shocking statistic?

Adrian Peterson‘s first touch of the year went for a 78-yard touchdown. The Giants on the season have 73 yards rushing total. So Peterson’s first play from scrimmage of the season two weeks ago, is more than the Giants have run for this season. Wow.

Does this mean the Giants can’t come back and win another Super Bowl this season?

It is still way too early to determine that, but I do know if the Giants do not improve their running game, then they might not even make it to the playoffs this year, never mind winning the Super Bowl.

But even with the Giants at 0-2, they are in a pretty inconsistent NFC East. Only being one game out of first entering Week 3, I fully believe that if they can improve and establish the run so that the Giants can capture this division when it’s all said and done.

You have to realize just how important a rushing attack is to a football team. If you cannot run the ball then defenses will always play for the pass, which will make your quarterback’s life miserable and will effect your offense’s time of possession, which will wear down your defense.

Now how do the Giants fix their running game?

I honestly believe Wilson can be a solid running back in this league and the Giants just need to stop discouraging him by constantly bringing up his past fumbles. Yes, Wilson needs to hold onto the ball, but he also needs to concentrate on hitting those running lanes instead of worrying about fumbling, which is what I think the Giants have made him do.

Fix the running game, and the wins should follow for the Giants … barring any injuries, of course.

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