Philadelphia Eagles: LeSean McCoy Proves to be Effective Threat in Passing Game

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

LeSean McCoy may have had a relatively quiet game on the ground with 11 carries for 53 yards, but he shredded the San Diego Chargers‘ defense through the air with five catches for 114 yards.

So far this season, McCoy has proven he can do it all in Chip Kelly‘s offense. If you want to put six or seven guys in the box to protect against the pass, he will shred a defense with his running ability. If a defense stacks the box with eight or nine men, he can just as easily kill a linebacker or safety out in space in the passing game.

In all reality, it is a lose-lose situation for the defense. McCoy has been spectacular this year, as has fellow play maker DeSean Jackson. As it stands right now, they are tops in the league in rushing and receiving yards respectively, as defenses seem to have no answers for the two explosive athletes.

Head coach Kelly hopes to keep it that way. The Philadelphia Eagles‘ offense has been as dynamic and efficient as it has been in many years, and Kelly is to thank for that. He is using McCoy, Jackson and veteran quarterback Michael Vick to their full capabilities in this warp speed offense that takes advantage of their athletic capabilities.

The three gifted athletes are tailor made for this offense, but McCoy, in particular, is thriving; he is on his way to a monster season in both the passing and the running game. The Eagles haven’t had a dual threat like McCoy at the running back position since Brian Westbrook. If McCoy keeps producing at this clip, he could go down as the greatest running back in the Eagles’ history.

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