Philadelphia Eagles SS Nate Allen Needs to Be Benched; Enter Rookie SS Earl Wolff

By Joe Doris
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I’m just going to cut to the chase.

Even though Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is one of the most offensively biased coaches in all the NFL, he needs to make an executive decision and show SS Nate Allen the bench.

Of course Allen isn’t the only problem in the Eagles’ incredibly porous defensive secondary, but he has proven to be the most obvious dunce. Not only has Allen been missing tackles worse than a punter desperately attempting to thwart a long return, but he has been getting burned on a regular basis. Like…dude is getting straight up toasted by absolutely inferior talent.

The only reason why San Diego Chargers WR Eddie Royal is on every fantasy owner’s radar nation-wide right now is because Allen could do nothing to stop the 6th-year career special-teamer from racking up an absurd three receiving touchdowns from typically horrendous QB Philip Rivers. On that note; do yourself a favor and refrain from rushing to the waiver-wire to snatch up Royal, as his stats are wildly inflated and there’s no chance he’ll keep up this 2.5 TDs per game pace.

Bottom-line; the Eagles must sit Allen and give the rookie SS Earl Wolff a shot at swiping the starting spot. Kelly has stated that he doesn’t think Wolff is quite ready yet, but he needs to at least let Allen know that he is replaceable and his starting status is in great jeopardy.

‘Ready’ or not, Kelly needs to give Wolff a chance at immediate emergence by inserting him into the Birds’ starting lineup Thursday night against the Kansas City Chiefs.


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