Are the Denver Broncos the Top Team in the NFL?

By Jay Cullen
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

There are two top teams in the league, and it isn’t arguable: the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. Both are 2-0. In fact, they are tops in the league in point differential as well. The Seahawks are fresh off a great win against a top San Francisco 49er team. Denver, on the other hand, has not just beaten two solid teams this year, they’ve crushed them. Seattle clearly has the best defense in the league, and it would be hard to argue the Broncos don’t have the best offense.

Simply put each team has been dominant.

Of course it is very early and hard to tell. In only Week 2 so much can change. Think about this, last year in Week 2 the lowly Philadelphia Eagles beat the future Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens.

It is almost impossible to say who has played better this year, but Denver is more likely to be considered the better team by year’s end.

The main reason is that the Broncos are playing without their best defensive player right now: Von Miller. The Broncos defense has been decent but not top notch. With Miller it could improve drastically as his pressure on the quarterback helps everyone around him.

The other big aid for Denver is that the AFC has no other top team right now. The Patriots, often dominant, have just scraped by against two weak teams to open the year. The Broncos crushed the Ravens, and the Cincinnati Bengals are young with a lot to prove.

Right now Seattle is the best in the conference but has a hard climb to the top. Denver, on the other hand, has a relatively easy path to the Super Bowl and it should get even easier with the return of their defensive star.

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