Dashon Goldson is Skating on Thin Ice Following Overturn of Suspension

By Andrew Fisher
Dashon Goldson
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The NFL slapped Dashon Goldson with a one-game suspension following his helmet-to-helmet hit on Darren Sproles. Now after an appeal, his suspension has been overturned. But Goldson will still have to pay a hefty price, as the league has fined him $100,000. Just like with Ndamukong Suh, the league is sending a loud message that this type of play will not be tolerated moving forward.

This hit and subsequent suspension had everyone talking. There were some who called it egregious and dirty, while those on the other side stood up for Goldson. ‘How could he get any lower?’ they asked. Apparently, the league sided with those who felt Goldson was as low as he could possibly be on the tackle, however, the end result was still helmet-to-helmet contact. Given the league’s zero tolerance for such hits, there was still no choice but to let Goldson know that he can’t tackle that way moving forward.

Goldson is two for two so far this season in the getting fined department. His hit on Jeff Cumberland in week one also earned him a $35,000 fine. So given the situation, you can bet that a third illegal hit will most certainly earn him a suspension. Possibly, for multiple games.

Although $100,000 fines might seem excessive, it’s the only way the NFL is going to start getting through to players.

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