Indianapolis Colts’ Vontae Davis Looking to Finally Defeat Vernon Davis

By Michael Terrill
Indianapolis Colts’ Vontae Davis Looking to Finally Defeat Vernon Davis
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Like any younger sibling, cornerback Vontae Davis is hoping to finally beat his older brother, tight end Vernon Davis, at something. He will get that chance on Sunday when the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers square off.

Typically, older brothers do not like having their younger brothers follow them around. However, Vernon actually enjoyed bringing Vontae, who is four and a half years younger, places with him. The reason was because he knew Vontae had potential to be a great football player, but he needed to stay out of trouble.

“In order for him to be successful, I knew as a kid that I had to work extremely hard to get to where I wanted to go,” Vernon said, according to “It was up to me, to motivate, to push him, to drag him out whenever I went out to try and persuade him and influence him to put in that hard work.”

Obviously, the hard work paid off for both players as they are starting on their respective teams. At this point, the worry is not about getting to where they are trying to go, but rather, how to be victorious on Sunday and beyond.

For Vernon, it will be a chance to hopefully go one-on-one against his little brother on the same NFL gridiron. To show Vontae what other defensive backs already know, which is he is one of the best tight ends in the game.

Meanwhile, for Vontae, it is an opportunity to get back at Vernon for waking him up early and dragging him to workouts. More importantly, it is a chance to finally beat him at something. As good as it would have been to beat Vernon in a race or on the practice field back in the day it would be even sweeter if the first victory came in a professional football game.

“Now I get to show (Vernon) how far I’ve come since the mornings that he woke me up to run those bleachers,” Vontae told

“He always won, so after all those years of him bullying me I get a chance to get back at him.”

There is a good chance Vontae and Vernon will not see each other often on game day. However, one has to imagine the coaching staffs will find a way for the two brothers to face off.

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