Indianpolis Colts: Jim Irsay Makes Epic Splash With Acquisition of Trent Richardson

By Ron Gleeson

In the most shocking news of this young NFL season, the Indianapolis Colts have acquired running back Trent Richardson from the Cleveland Browns for a 2014 first-round draft pick, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Splish splash goes Jim Irsay.

Yes, Richardson is slightly struggling this season, but what a steal for Indy. The Colts are a winning team with stud quarterback Andrew Luck under center. That first-round pick is undoubtedly going to be in the later half of the round; there’s no telling the future, but the odds of finding a running back of Richardson’s caliber is slim-to-none.

Oh, Cleveland. For winning as little as you do, you are one entertaining sports city. LeBron James left his hometown city to win championships, and smirked over his shoulder as he accomplished his life-long dream twice. Now, the city’s next brightest sports figure is also on his way out of town. Richardson set the Browns’ rookie record with 11 rushing touchdowns in 2012. I guess the Browns’ front office thinks his rookie season will be the pinnacle of his career.

Maybe the Browns’ ownership group knows something the rest of the NFL doesn’t. Or maybe they just doubt Richardson that much, because, in reality, he is surely worth more than a single first-round selection, isn’t he?

Now, the Colts will be set on winning for a long time to come. They have Luck, who knows how to win better than any other quarterback his age. Now, Richardson joins the Colts backfield. He will be able to pound the ball in short-yardage situations, something Indianapolis is lacking, considering Luck is probably their toughest runner.

Look out for the Indianapolis Colts, the new undisputed front runner in the AFC South.

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