Ndamukong Suh Disses O-Linemen That Target His Knees; Hypocrite?

By Andrew Fisher
Ndamukong Suh
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It hasn’t been a great year for Ndamukong Suh‘s reputation. It’s taken yet another hit, after the defensive tackle put a hit on John Sullivan‘s knees in week one. The NFL let Suh know that they’re tired of his antics on the field, by subsequently fining him $100,000 for the low block on Sullivan. This latest incident just added fuel to the ‘Suh is a dirty player’ fire, which is now burning at an all-time high.

This past weekend, offensive lineman Paul Fanaika attempted to take out Suh’s knees, but failed epicly while falling to the turf like a chump. Suh was asked about the incident and had this to say:

“It happens all the time. It’s not going to stop. I look forward to it. Look forward to keep making plays down the field. That’s my job. To me, it’s just gnats that are in the air that keep going after you and you swat at them.”

Although I’m not a big fan of the DT, I must admit that I liked this comment. It doesn’t matter who’s doing it, taking a shot at another player’s knees is Busch League. No player deserves to have their knees chopped at, even Suh. He’s not a hypocrite in regards to this situation, but there will be some that disagree. The attempt by Fanaika on Suh was on a completely different type of play than the Sullivan play. I still think Suh hit him too low, but these two plays are apples and oranges.

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But with all that being said, I still think Suh has some serious karma headed his way. Not for one particular dirty play, but for the total amount of dirty plays he’s performed in his career. You can also bet that opposing players won’t stop targeting Suh’s knees any time soon.


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