Philadelphia Eagles: Despite The Season Being Early, This Is A Must Win Game

By Sonny Bryan
Andy Reid
Rob Foldy- USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles will host the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football, and it will be an intriguing match-up since Andy Reid will be coming back to Philadelphia.

The Eagles will be going in with a 1-1 record versus the 2-0 Chiefs so this game obviously won’t be a walk in the park for Michael Vick and company. The Eagles face a tough schedule down the road as well after this Chiefs game. Following Thursday night’s game, the Eagles will have to travel to Mile High Stadium to play Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, in which Manning could easily throw for 500-yards if the Eagles’ secondary doesn’t pick it up sooner or later.

The Broncos are arguably the best team in the NFL at the moment and if the Eagles wind up losing Thursday night’s game then they could easily slip to a 1-3 record to start off the first month of the season. Chip Kelly needs to know that this is an extremely important game for him since wins aren’t easy to come by in the NFL, especially with the defense the Eagles have.

The good news is that the Eagles will have an extended week to prepare for Manning and the Broncos since the Eagles have an early game this week. The Eagles will certainly need to bring their A-game this week against the Chiefs because it will not be an easy task from here on out.

For instance, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith is a solid quarterback that can manage a game with a solid running attack and a tough defense, two things the Chiefs have. The Chiefs also have a solid secondary, great pass-rushers, and tough middle linebackers. However, the Eagles have the ability to confuse defenses. Chiefs safety Eric Berry even admitted on NFL Network that, “The Eagles offense can hit you with so many things.” This shows that the Eagles can score points just by putting the defense out of position.

So all in all, the next two games will be tough for the Eagles. This game against the Chiefs is a must win despite the season still being young since the Eagles will have a tough schedule down the road.

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