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15 Biggest Disappointments From Week 2 of NFL Action

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15 Biggest Disappointments From Week 2 of NFL Action

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 of NFL action was filled with performances that didn't quite make the grade and no one is beyond criticism. This slideshow features some who were properly game-planned for by the opposition, others who were suffering the lingering effects of injury, and those who still can blame their own teams for not getting them the ball. Though the slides are numbered, there was not one that was better or worse than any other on this list. Though some performances may have been worse than others stat-wise, all of the players included share the commonality of mediocrity.

There can be no excuses in the NFL. When a player decides to put on the pads and head out on the field, they are carrying the hopes and dreams of their franchise and fan base with them into gridiron combat.

In football, as is the case with any physical confrontation, no quarter is given for the meek, the weak or the lame. But what about those relatively healthy superstars who simply aren't playing up to spec? Granted, the NFL is a league of strategic masterminds, and league-wide game planning has to be taken into consideration, but that does not take away from fan disappointment, nor will there be an asterisk included in the loss column for the less-than-stellar performances these players turned in. Aside from injury and game planning, some of these players just plain stunk it up.

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15. Mike Williams

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Wallace had two catches for nine yards in Week 2. No need to beat up on him though. His numbers tell the tale.

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14. Reggie Bush

Jennifer Hildebrand-USA TODAY Sports

Reggie Bush was the talk of the NFL as he racked up 191 total yards during a Week 1 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Week 2 was an entirely different ball game with 69 total yards and a knee injury that has him listed as probable for next week's game versus the Washington Redskins.

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13. DeMarco Murray

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

RB DeMarco Murray had a pretty decent game with 80 rushing yards and 39 receiving yards, but the wheels on that wagon fell off against the Kansas City Chiefs' defensive front last week. He struggled with 12 carries for 25 yards. He did catch five passes for 49 yards, but that's little consolation.

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12. Tom Brady

Greg Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the New England Patriots are 2-0, but is it because of or in spite of Tom Brady? Perhaps a little of both. He threw for 185 yards and completed fewer than 50 percent of his passes against the New York Jets. His passer rating was 71. That's abysmal, especially when taking his career passer rating of 96 into consideration.

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11. Colin Kaepernick

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The good news is Colin Kaepernick ran for 87 yards versus the Seattle Seahawks last week. The bad news is he only threw for 127 yards , no touchdowns and three picks in a 29-3 smackdown loss. I think those Week 1 MVP chants have become considerably muted.

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10. Anquan Boldin

Carey Edmonson-USA TODAY Sports

The formidable Seattle Seahawks secondary keyed in on Boldin, much to the chagrin of fantasy football owners. His monstrous 208-yard game in Week 1 was followed up by a seven-yard outing last week. Yes, seven yards.

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9. The Philadelphia Eagles' Defense

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

When the dawning of a new age is near, the things that represented the old era often go upon its arrival. With the new-look spread offense the Philadelphia Eagles are running comes talk of a new offensive era in professional football, but Philly fans would rather talk about the old era. You know, back when the Eagles' defenses weren't ranked near the bottom of the NFL.

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8. Dallas Clark

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Clark appeared to have turned back the clock in the Baltimore Ravens' Week 1 loss to the Denver Broncos with an 87-yard performance, but Clark's opposition this week may have come from Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell. Clark only played 27 snaps and was only targeted once in a Ravens' victory over the hapless Cleveland Browns.

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7. Roddy White

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Roddy White's performance suffered last week due to the lingering effects of a Week 1 ankle injury. He hobbled his way to a three-catch, 21-yard performance last week. He's listed as probable for Week 3.

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6. Miles Austin

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Miles Austin had a sub-par game against the Chiefs' defense. He caught only three passes for 31 yards last week. Is this an apparition, or what is to be expected when defenses treat him like the threat he truly is?

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5. Robert Griffin III

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The question shouldn't be whether or not RG3 has returned to form, but rather when he will return to form. He's clearly a shell of his former self when running the ball, and Bill Shanahan knows it. Yes, he has passed for over 300 yards and thrown two or more touchdowns in consecutive games, but he has only run the ball nine times for a combined 25 yards, including four attempts for one yard last week. The Washington Redskins offense isn't nearly as explosive with Griffin pretending to be a traditional pocket passer.

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4. Larry Fitzgerald

Jennifer Hilderbrand-USA TODAY Sports

Two catches for 33 yards for Larry Fitzgerald, the man who is the obvious Optimus Prime to Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson's Megatron, is just not going to cut it. Last year, the Arizona Cardinals ran out a string of quarterbacks who couldn't throw the ball 50 yards if they all had cyborg arms, but QB Carson Palmer can make all the throws with accuracy. Hamstring issues aside, two catches is horrible. If you are injured, then don't play -- no excuses.

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3. Josh Freeman

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of people aren't very surprised that QB Josh Freeman is struggling a bit for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but I am. He has all the skills to pay the bills, but can't seem to close the deal so far this season. He had 125 passing yards against the New Orleans Saints and only completed 40 percent of his passes. QBR was 30.9.

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2. Jason Witten

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Witten had a rare bad day against the Kansas City Chiefs. His three catches for 13 yards were due in part to the special attention given to him by Chiefs strong safety Eric Berry.

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1. Cam Newton

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

I thought Cam Newton was going to light up a Buffalo Bills franchise that has been largely allergic to winning for 10 years. Cam threw for 125 yards during Week 1, and I would have bet my right arm on a breakout game for Newton during Week 2. Well, just call me stubby. 229 yards for two touchdowns and a pick isn't horrible, but it's not a breakout game by any stretch of the imagination -- especially not for Cam.