5 NFL Games That Will Be Snore-Fests In Week 3

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5 NFL Games That Will Be Snore-Fests In Week 3

5 NFL Games That Will Be Snore Fests In Week 3
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The NFL season is in full swing now. The first two weeks are in the books, and we learned a lot from them. Some teams re-affirmed what we already knew about them, and some teams flipped our scripts for them on their heads.

Now, as we head into Week 3, we have some matchups that looked good when the schedule makers came out with the slate of games, but now look like duds. Sure, there are some surprising ones that will be better games than we thought (I'm looking at you, Kansas City Chiefs at the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night), but some that should have been good aren't going to be worth watching.

Some are a matchup between bad offense and good defense. That always means a low-scoring affair between two teams that can't find the end zone. Coaches revert back to old-school field position style football to get a win. But, we all lose because we get nothing but running plays and punts.

Some games are going to be channel-turners because of the opposite. When you match a prolific offense with a shaky defense, you get a blowout by the second half. When one team just can't stop the other, the game gets sloppy and out of hand quickly.

Every week in the NFL, you get some great games. The first two weeks of the season have given us tons of close games. This week, there will be some good ones, but there will be some bad ones as well.

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5. New York Giants At Carolina Panthers

Giants At Panthers
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The Carolina Panthers can't score, and the New York Giants don't seem to realize you're not supposed to give the ball to the other team. There may be plenty of scoring, but it won't be because of good offense. It'll be an ugly one for sure.

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4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers At New England Patriots

Bucs At Pats
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Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have real problems on offense. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a bad offense, but a pretty good defense. That means this will be another low-scoring, sloppy ball game.

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3. Oakland Raiders At Denver Broncos

Raiders at Broncos
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

This game is going to be a good old-fashioned blowout. The Denver Broncos are the best team in the NFL so far in this young season, and the Oakland Raiders are typically hapless. Good thing this is a prime-time game, so nobody is going to feel bad about falling asleep at halftime.

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2. Buffalo Bills At New York Jets

Bills At Jets
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

So you're going to give me two rookie quarterbacks in their third games? Yeah, I'll take a pass on that one.

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1. Cleveland Browns At Minnesota Vikings

Browns At Vikings
Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Running the football used to be all the rage. Well, it used to be all the rage 50 years ago. This game would have at least featured two good running backs, but now that the Cleveland Browns sent Trent Richardson packing, this game is going to be run, run, incomplete pass, punt, rinse and repeat.

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