Andy Reid, Donovan McNabb Prodding Philadelphia Eagles Hornet's Nest

By williambontrager
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Due to a short journey from Sunday, where the Philadelphia Eagles were defeated, to Thursday, it seems like the odds are in favor of Andy Reid, and his Kansas City Chiefs, to defeat his former team. However, tossing the actual game aside for once, just think of what a strange night Thursday is going to be.

The old coach is back in the Delaware valley, and the question now emerges, will the Eagles fans rise to their feet to throw cheers of respect and adoration, or batteries? If that isn’t enough, Donovan McNabb is going to be honored at halftime. Wow! Is this asking too much of the always spirited, often temperamental, Eagles fans?

Reid exited stage left with a sea of fans wrapped in midnight green in celebration at his departure. Everyone seemed to be screaming for this type of change, and when it happened, there weren’t many sobbing in protest. Reid found a new home in Kansas City where the demand to earn the Vince Lombardi Trophy and hoist it over their city is not as high on the list, as simply winning more than four and a half games.

Thursday night he is looking to exact revenge on a city that is in desperate need for a win under Chip Kelly. He told reporters that he is going to avoid the hype and get his team ready to play a good football team.

But the hype will continue at the half, because the most controversial quarterback in Eagles’ history will be inducted into the organization’s Hall of Fame. McNabb is known just as much for his off-field comments and actions as his sometimes stellar performance on the field. He left the fans of Philly much like Reid, no love lost, and they were happy to move on without him.

But why all this aggressive behavior in the City of Brotherly Love? Why didn’t fans act thankful for the two gifts that their city was given? The winning statistics are high for the coach and quarterback alike, but they never won the ring at the big dance, and both of them grew too stubborn for this city. The mainstream national media never really highlighted what local fans saw, experienced and felt, but anyone who followed the team religiously could see that Reid and McNabb had to go.

Now the NFL, or commissioner Roger Goddell, is going to ask fans to be civil, as the most polarizing coach and the most controversial quarterback are going to make center stage on prime time, against the new regime. Reid may be the catalyst to launch Kelly into obscurity or fame this year. These stories are highly emotional topics for the fan-base, which means better ratings for the NFL Network, and a great story to tell after the game.

As always, Philadelphia is the little rowdy corner of the nation that no one can ignore.

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