Brandon Marshall: "It's Finally Happening Again"

By Ryan Heckman
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The 2-0 Chicago Bears already look much different than last year. New head coach Marc Trestman has the offense in shape to win games late and quarterback Jay Cutler is playing the best football we’ve seen from him in a few years. With all of the additions the Bears made this past offseason, still, the most important part of the offense is wideout Brandon Marshall.

Thursday, Marshall spoke with the media about his thoughts on the offense so far.

“I’ve been in several offenses in the past and I’ve been carrying a big load. It’s so easy for guys to double cover me and triple cover me. But now, with Martellus [Bennett] making plays like he’s making, with [Matt] Forte carrying us right now, it’s hard. It’s really hard [for opponents to defend].”

“Listen I’ve been in offenses with Jay in Denver when we were the number two offense that year. I had 100 catches. Eddie Royal had 91. Brandon Stokely had 45. Tony Scheffler had 40-something… That’s what I’m used to, you know. So, it’s finally happening again.”

Marshall was asked about his quarterback and how he’s done taking in the offense so far. From the looks of the first two weeks, Cutler has done a fine job.

“You guys been around Jay for a few years now, but I don’t know if you’ve ever gotten a chance to sit down with him one on one or to really see who he really is. He’s one of the smartest guys I’ve ever been around. There’s bookworms out there, but this guy knows a little bit about everything. He’s a sharp guy,” Marshall said.

“He’s brilliant, he’s brilliant.”

Wow, brilliant, huh? That’s high praise, of course, coming from a teammate. But, I can’t argue with him so far. Cutler has been nothing short of brilliant late in games this year. He is absolutely the reason Chicago is 2-0 when they could easily be winless at this point.

Marshall also went on to talk about all of the additions the Bears have made to help his quarterback succeed this season and concluded by telling the media he’s happy for Cutler and that “he deserves it.”

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Chicago Bears: Love Him or Hate Him, Jay Cutler is the Reason for 2-0 Start

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