Chip Kelly's Lethal Philadelphia Eagles Offense Will Expose Kansas City Chiefs Overrated Defense

By Joe Doris
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I love how NFL fans and analysts nationwide are already regarding this completely unproven Kansas City Chiefs defense as one of the league’s best units.

News-flash; the Chiefs’ defensive numbers are skewed in a huge way due to their Week 1 trouncing of the Jacksonville Jaguars, arguably the NFL’s most hopeless team. After holding the Jags to just 2 points and 178 yards of total offense, the Chiefs’ stats are obviously going to look incredible after only two weeks of play.

While the Dallas Cowboys were a little bit more of a test in Week 2, the Chiefs still have done nothing significant enough to deserve the praise that they’re currently receiving.

And after Andy Reid and company enter into ‘The Linc’ on Thursday night to do battle with the Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly’s extraordinarily dangerous, high-powered offense, everybody will forget about the Chiefs’ misleading 2-0 start.

While Reid’s reunion in Philly will certainly be emotional considering he spent 14 long years with the squad, feelings go out the window when that game clock starts ticking. But no matter how competitive ‘Big Red’ is able to get against his former suitors, his Chiefs’ D is just no match for the likes of QB Michael Vick, RB LeSean McCoy and WR DeSean Jackson; the NFL’s fast and most explosive positional trio.

And while I do expect Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers to suit up for the Thursday night showdown, Vick and Jackson will take full advantage of the ailing superstar.

Even though the Eagles’ seemingly useless defense should give up plenty of yards, I just don’t see Chiefs QB Alex Smith and crew putting up a lot of points.

Look for the Eagles to get ahead by a comfortable margin early on, and cruise to a 34-13 victory.


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