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Eagles vs. Chiefs: Top 5 Twitter Reactions to Andy Reid’s Philadelphia Return

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Top 5 Twitter Reactions to Andy Reid's Return

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Let’s face it, the Philadelphia Eagles are not going to the Super Bowl this year. So for the fans, tonight’s game against the visiting Kansas City Chiefs has to be the team’s Super Bowl.

Two of the top 10 names trending on social media Thursday were Andy Reid and DeSean Jackson, and the former coach of the Eagles takes his new team to face Jackson and Chip Kelly's uptempo offense for the first time tonight. As regular-season games go, there is none more intriguing on the national TV slate this year.

So it’s not surprising to see that the anticipation meter on social media has been off the charts, and Twitter and Facebook should be humming with reaction to every play during the three hours of the game itself.

The game itself should be competitive. The Eagles enter it as a three-point favorite, and that’s largely the result of a home field that hasn't been much of a home advantage over the last two seasons. There is a lot of speculation out there about whether or not Reid can get Kansas City ready for Kelly’s uptempo offense with essentially two days of practices.

Brad Childress, a former Eagles’ offensive coordinator, has been designated by Reid as the uptempo specialist, and he’s had to teach a crash course to the Chiefs’ defense. Whether or not it’s enough time to stop Kelly will be one of the fascinating storylines to come out of the game.

Here are five of the top pre-game Twitter reactions to Andy Reid coming back to Philadelphia:

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5. Childress in Charge

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Reid enlisted the help of old friend Childress as his "spread game" analyst and can now lay the blame at Childress' feet if the Chiefs' defense doesn't rise to the challenge, according to David Murphy of the Philadelphia Daily News.

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4. The Half-Hearted Lurie Handshake

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The only thing more awkward than the firing of Reid by owner Jeff Lurie might be the pre-game handshake.

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3. Time Management Complaint Department

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Looks like this Eagles' fan has a complaint about the way Reid treated co-workers and frequently used up his timeouts early in games.

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2. The Dramatic Entrance

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Nobody ever accused Reid of having a flare for the dramatic but, if he did, I've got to admit that this would be a pretty cool way to take the field.

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1. The Post-Game Press Conference

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Eagles' fans can only pray that Reid pulls out the "I've got to do a better job" quote post-game conference because that will mean their team won.