Fan's Faith Must Spur Feeble Philadelphia Eagles' Defense

By williambontrager
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Boomer Esiason commented that the NFC East may have traded that tired, hard-nosed defense for the flashy score-in-large-clumps offense. Based on the first two games, it would be difficult to claim that he doesn’t have a point.

The Philadelphia Eagles need to turn this garbage around. Sure, their offense is a high powered, bathed with the sweat of Norse gods turbo jet, but without a quality force to stop the other team, suddenly every three-and-out for the birds may result in seven for the opposing team. This is not a winning combination, and the jolly, blushing head coach Andy Reid, knows this.

Look out because “Big Red” steps onto the scene and he gruffly tells his team that, “we have to do a better job.” He has done just that for his new team, the Kansas City Chiefs, who come off two impressive wins. They replaced their oppressive running game, having entrusted Alex Smith to run the offense.The secondary is horrid for the Eagles, so look for the pass-happy Reid, to follow a similar gameplan, passing all around Brandon Boykin, Cary Williams, Nate Allen and Patrick Chung.

The fear creeps through my bones, having flashes of images of blown coverages and missed tackles from the last game. Billy Davis is going up against a guy who historically has been very good at schematic game planning. The bird’s depth at the corners and safeties is minimal, and the linebackers do not cover well. So, other than the offense, where is the hope?

The hope lies with the fans to rally around the new ideal, and the team, the brainchild of Chip Kelly. That is right, it is time for a little religion, a little faith.

Last game, the stadium was quiet, but the man with the thick mustache must feel the tremble of the Eagles’ battle cry from the sidelines. This victory is not only a way to go into Mile High Stadium with confidence, it is to make a statement, that the new team has swallowed up the old, and are ready to roll victorious into the future.

The NFC East is not known for the defense this season, but let us cheer every open-field tackle, deflected ball and third-down stand until our tonsils audibly pop. Frankly, that is the only thing we can hope for with this secondary: faith that the defense holds them just long enough to outscore them.

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