How Will Philadelphia Eagles' Fans Welcome Former 14-Year Head Coach Andy Reid in Homecoming?

By Joe Doris
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Applause, applause, applause.

No, I am not singing Lady Gaga’s recent super-hit; but instead I am referring to what NFL fans will be tuning into when they watch the Philadelphia Eagles’ notoriously bitter fan-base welcome their former 14-year front-man Andy Reid into Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday night.

Even though Reid’s tenure in Philly ended on a terrible note following the Birds’ humiliating 4-12 campaign last season, Eagles’ fans still have overwhelming respect for their beloved ‘Big Red’.

The Kansas City Chiefs wasted no time in snatching Reid up off the unemployment line following his axing, and the NFL wasted no time in scheduling Reid to take on the Eagles in just his third game with his brand new squad. Not only is this reunion an intriguing match-up on paper, but it is just one of those adorably moving stories of a man against his former suitor.

While I do expect the Linc to be buzzing with applause when Reid originally enters, I do not expect the cheers to carry over into the contest. Because when that whistle blows, it’s game-time, and Eagles’ fans and players will have no well-wishes for Reid until those final seconds tick off the clock.

I am personally excited to see QB Michael Vick and WR DeSean Jackson reunite with Reid in pre-game, as both athletes have given endless praise to their former coach, and have publicly credited him for their success in the NFL.

I know that football is supposed to be a manly-man’s sport, but who doesn’t love some good, classic romanticism sprinkled into the most violent game known to man.


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