Should Cleveland Browns Give Maurice Clarett a Shot?

By Sarah Woodall
Cleveland Browns
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On Sept. 18, the Cleveland Browns made possibly one of the most puzzling moves in franchise history by dealing their second-year back Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts, and there are already a million questions being raised about which direction this team is going, and who will be the next back to get the carries.

Most likely, their next big move will be to sign former Baltimore Ravens running back Willis McGahee. Obviously, the Browns are going for a clean slate, and starting from the ground up, but one former player in particular is also looking for a clean slate: Maurice Clarett.

Clarett tweeted the Browns, begging for an opportunity to try out for an open position. This is coming from the same guy who’s last glory moment playing football was back in 2002 when the Ohio State Buckeyes won the National Championship against the Miami Hurricanes.

Due to some controversial off-field actions, he was out of the game for a while, and was eventually drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2005, but never saw the field with them, or any other NFL team. So, should the Browns still give Clarett a shot?

Well, why not? Clarett is already a local celebrity for the Browns. He won a National Championship for the state of Ohio, and in his time away from football, has been spotted playing rugby in Columbus, Ohio in May of this year. That sort of activity for Clarett could be enough to give him a chance.

At this point, what more do the Browns have to lose? They will without a doubt be terrible for the rest of the season. I mean, if it weren’t for the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Browns would be the worst team in the NFL. They have only scored one offensive touchdown so far this season. Brandon Weeden, their only excuse for a quarterback and ironically their leading rusher, is out indefinitely.

And oh yeah, an NFL players’ poll by declared the Browns as the worst organization to play for in 2012.

In reality, Clarett’s age and weak resume isn’t that great for an NFL running back, and the Browns are going to look for greener pastures in next year’s draft anyway. But if Clarett makes it, good for him. Cleveland after all , is his best and last shot at starting for an NFL team.

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