Trent Richardson Makes Indianapolis Colts Better But Not Automatically Super Bowl Contenders

By Steven Carollo
Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

By now I am sure all of you are aware that the Indianapolis Colts acquired running back Trent Richardson from the Cleveland Browns for their 1st round pick next year.

After the trade, however, I have been seeing many fans and analysts alike saying that now the Colts are automatically Super Bowl contenders.  While I do believe Richardson makes the Colts a better team, I think making them automatic Super Bowl contenders is a bit of a stretch.

I mean who knows what can happen in sports?  What if Richardson is not as good as people expect him to be?

Also, something that is very overlooked, what if the Colts’ loss at tight end in Dwayne Allen proves to be more costly than people think? Yes, Richardson should help second year quarterback Andrew Luck feel less pressure in the pocket, but without a reliable tight end, the passing game could still be impacted with or without Richardson.

Another missing factor in all of this is the Colts’ defense.  The addition of Richardson does not make their defense any better by improving their linebacker situation and their secondary, which is suspect at best.

Now will the Colts make the playoffs?

I say yes because in a weak AFC they should be at least a wild card team, and that was even before the Colts acquired Richardson.  But I have just never understood, in all my years of watching sports, how anyone can just guarantee Super Bowl or even Super Bowl contention after an acquisition, especially without even seeing one game with the new addition.  The Colts very well may be Super Bowl contenders at the end of the year, but without even seeing how Richardson affects their team, I think saying the Colts are automatically Super Bowl contenders is getting ahead of ourselves quite a bit.

What do you think?

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