Will Felix Jones be Reliable for Pittsburgh Steelers?

By Michael Terrill
Will Felix Jones be Reliable for Pittsburgh Steelers
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles traded running back Felix Jones to the Pittsburgh Steelers for linebacker Adrian Robinson prior to the start of the season. The hope for the Steelers was that Jones would be able to give the team a much needed boost in the running game. Unfortunately, that has yet to be the case. However, will Jones turn out to be reliable for Pittsburgh this season?

Jones rushed for 2,728 yards and 11 touchdowns on 569 carries for the Dallas Cowboys over a five-year span. He also hauled in 127 receptions for 1,062 yards and three touchdowns.

In a non-existent running game, Jones has been the leader after the first two contests. His 37 rushing yards on 10 attempts is nothing to write home about. In fact, it is actually a quite embarrassing statistic for a team that has prided themselves on their ability to rush the ball over the years. With that being said, Jones is the new guy on the team. He has at least made an effort to show the other backs on how to be a productive player on the roster.

“The running game was below the line,” head coach Mike Tomlin said, according to NFL.com. “But I was encouraged by Felix Jones and what he’ll be able to do moving forward. He knew when to bounce it and when to put his foot in the ground and get vertical. There were some things we can build upon.”

I was a big fan of the Steelers trading for Jones. I believe he is someone that has the ability to rejuvenate a rushing attack in the middle of the game.  He also gives the offense some confidence that they can run the ball.

At this point, it will be exciting to see if Pittsburgh can improve their rushing attack going forward. Hopefully, the offensive line will be able to give Jones some room to work on game day.

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