You Can't Question Tony Romo's Determination and Toughness

By Andrew Fisher
Tony Romo
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Tony Romo gets called a lot of things from NFL fans. Outside of his loyal Dallas Cowboys fans’ and female admirers, he’s not the most popular guy. Some people think he’s a terrible quarterback, while others seem to hate Romo the person, even though they’ve never met the guy. But of all the bad names he gets called each and every Sunday, wimp isn’t one of them. Even the most extreme haters have to admit that Romo is straight up tough.

This is a guy who tried to go back into a game after breaking his collar bone and who’s played with broken ribs. Now, he’s playing through another extremely painful rib injury as the Cowboys get set to take on the St. Louis Rams. Anyone who’s had a rib injury can tell you how bad the pain is, mainly, because it hurts every time you breath. That’s just for us normal folks, let alone a guy who’s going to get smashed by 300-pound linemen.

But as tough as Romo is, he’s still set to get a pain killing injection before the game this Sunday.

“I think tentatively we are planning on it just because of the nature of it and what we thought. But we’ll see as we get there. It does feel better now than it did last week. It’ll just keep getting better and better this week. I’ve gotten shot up before in the rib and it seems like it’s a normal part of playing quarterback in the National Football League,” said Romo.

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While some will interpret this as him not being tough, I will argue the contrary. The fact that he’s in so much pain that he needs a shot, speaks volumes. Someone without his fortitude, wouldn’t even be playing.

We’ll see if he can rise above the pain for another week and lead the Cowboys to a much needed week three victory.


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