5 Biggest NFL Upsets For Week 3

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5 Biggest NFL Upsets For Week 3

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Having landed three of my five NFL upsets and losing the other two on last minute drives I come into this week with a big head. Well, I had a big head anyway thanks to genetics, but it is like a balloon now thanks to the success of my picks including the San Diego Chargers winning on the road against the Philadelphia Eagles. I thought about making you all phone call in for my amazing upsets, but then I realized I don't like answering the phone and mother doesn't like being interrupted when she is watching her stories so alas I am just writing them here again.

Now I know every week isn't going to be as successful as last week was, but let's just say I have a good feeling about this Week 3 in the NFL. There were a lot of close lines to choose from making many games easy to pick upsets because how often are the defending Super Bowl Champions underdogs in their own building? When are you going to get a chance to pick Matt Ryan as an underdog against a team that hasn't made the playoffs since I had hopes in my future? The underdog status this week doesn't mean as much because most of these teams are the big boys in the NFL. That being said you knew I had to go a little off the deep end with a few of these like I always do.

So read on and find out who my big upsets are this week. I can assure you the last two in particular are going to raise some eyebrows, but not mine because mine are drawn on with a Sharpie. It's the biggest fashion rage.

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5. Atlanta Falcons Over Miami Dolphins

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As I mentioned earlier it's crazy that the Atlanta Falcons are underdogs to the Miami Dolphins. You could over-think this and say that Vegas is setting a trap, but they still have to play the game on the field. Yes the Dolphins have played well, but I do not think they are ready to take it to the next level just yet. Plus birds are much more versatile than water animals.

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4. Baltimore Ravens Over Houston Texans

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Give me the Super Bowl champs at home as underdogs any day of the week, especially given how vulnerable the Houston Texans have looked in the past two games. If there is anything to the theory of being due the Houston Texans are definitely due for a loss. Also I still don't know what the Texan mascot is.

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3. Carolina Panthers Over New York Giants

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Both teams come in 0-2 and in desperate need of a win to save their season, but I like the Carolina Panthers as a one-point home underdog. The Panthers are either going to win or get blown out, there will not be much in between; but given Cam Newton's past with this team he doesn't give up anything even when the record isn't going the way the team wants. The New York Giants, on the other hand, tend to collapse when things get bad. Also animal mascot over the color blue in general.

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2. St Louis Rams Over Dallas Cowboys

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The St. Louis Rams come in as 3.5 point underdogs on the road. Yes this pick may be a reach, but Jeff Fisher has a history of pulling off some big road upsets and the Dallas Cowboys have a history of losing weird games from time to time. I never buy into the Cowboy hype every year and I'm not about to this year though the NFC East does look weaker than ever. I blame it on the fact it only has 25 percent animal mascots.

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1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Over New England Patriots

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Call it a homer pick, call it a desperation pick, call it a hope they don't lose on a last second field goal so I don't have to cry in my Pop Tarts pick, but this is the most misleading 2-0 versus 0-2 matchup out there. It could be easily the New England Patriots at 0-2 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 2-0. Also the Patriots have looked dreadful on offense and for good reason missing Danny Amendola, Rob Gronkowski and old friends Wes Welker and OJ Simpson, I mean Aaron Hernandez. With no one to throw to how can Giselle's husband do his job? He can't.