Andy Reid, Donovan McNabb, Honored, While Philadelphia Eagles Decimated

By williambontrager
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan it was hard to digest the atrocities that occurred last night. Sure the play was horrendous, but the antics before and after the game were equally ridiculous.

Andy Reid rumbled out, with a standing ovation and applause. What a strange way to stand next to the new organization, by cheering for the opponent’s head coach. Well, the fat man fed off the adoration, despite his lack of transparency and respect to the fan-base for years, and he dominated with mediocre coaching, typical of him when he donned a midnight green parachute and commanded the action on the sidelines for the Birds.

That set the mood for the game. The fumble after the punt, the snaps against the gluttonous backside of Jason Kelce, and the long adoring stare-down from Michael Vick gave the Kansas City Chiefs an early lead.

But the play on the field was not the most disgusting part. As always Donovan McNabb used his megaphone mouth, yelled a few boastful words, and forced us to watch as Reggie White‘s number was desecrated while No. 5 flapped next to it in full glory.

McNabb bellowed in to the microphone.

“Words cannot say how much, I truly love you!”

Give me a break with the Brave Heart bellow, Donovan. What are you yelling about anyway?

So last night the fans were being put through the trials in two ways. One, the former coach, the man that people rejoiced to see fired, stomped all over the new look and style of the Eagles, possibly affecting the rest of the season.

And two, the former quarterback who could not win his team a Super Bowl, and mouthed off, and whined, had finally gotten his way as his number gets retired on the same night.

Let us forget this tragedy happened and prepare for the Denver Broncos.

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