Baltimore Ravens' Head Coach John Harbaugh Believes Joe Flacco Will Be an All-Time Great

By Wola Odeniran
Joe Flacco and John Harbaugh
Charles LeClaire- USA TODAY Sports

Let the fire and the riots begin. That’s what might as well happen anytime Baltimore Ravens‘ quarterback Joe Flacco is given high praise. Last year, Flacco claimed himself to be the best quarterback in the NFL, and backed it up with a Super Bowl MVP award the following season. Flacco is going to have to do more of that as his head coach John Harbaugh had nothing but good things to say about the veteran.

“I think Joe is going to become one of the premier quarterbacks in the history of the National Football League,” Harbaugh claimed via “I’ve said that many, many times.”

Yes, Harbaugh, you have said it many, many times. Only this time people will hear it loud and clear. Is it wrong for Harbaugh to feel that way about Flacco? It depends on who you ask. I don’t have a problem with it at all.

If a successful quarterback like Flacco helped produce playoff appearances, playoff wins and a Super Bowl victory in his first-five years in the NFL for his team, I’m sure any head coach would be happy as they would get a contract extension in the process like Harbaugh did earlier this month. Oh, and Harbaugh wasn’t done as he called out Flacco’s critics.

“In the end, that statement will prove to be correct and all the naysayers out there, they will be wrong, as usual,” Harbaugh noted via “I’ll be looking forward to them when they say, ‘I was wrong.’”

The critics are already wrong. They laughed at the notion of Flacco ever winning a Super Bowl. And now they grasp to any failure Flacco has during a game to make their point when at the end of the day, they look pathetic. Flacco heard what Harbaugh said, and the six-year veteran quarterback is happy to hear it.

“Me and John are kind of tied at the hip,” Flacco noted via “We came in together. I was his first draft pick. It’s always cool to hear your head coach, the guy that is out here and has seen a lot of football players, say something like that about you.”

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