Cleveland Browns Rumors: Brandon Weeden Won't Be Back As Team's QB in 2014

By Andrew Fisher
Brandon Weeden
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After the week the Cleveland Browns have had, the latest rumors aren’t that surprising. The latest word out of Browns’ camp is that the team doesn’t view Brandon Weeden as their quarterback of the future. This of course comes after the team dealt fellow 2012 first round draft pick, Trent Richardson, to the Indianapolis Colts. Coincidentally, the trade happened on the same day it was announced that Brian Hoyer would start for the Browns in week three.

The news of Hoyer being named starter was shocking, but it wasn’t all that crazy considering Weeden’s thumb injury. Many thought Jason Campbell would be in line to start on Sunday, but the coaching staff decided to go with Hoyer.

It’s been determined that Weeden will not need thumb surgery, but his future is still very much up in the air.

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All of these rumors about Weeden not being the guy of the future make sense. He hasn’t played very well so far in his career and on top of that, he wasn’t drafted by the current Browns’ regime. Mike Holmgren selected both Weeden and Richardson in 2012, and it’s pretty clear at this point that Michael Lombardi thinks he made two huge mistakes.

The Richarson trade is leading many to believe Lombardi and company will go with a pass-heavy draft class next year and that they might use one of their two first round picks on a new QB. Perhaps, they might even deal Weeden if he gets healthy before the 2013 season ends.


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