Colts vs. 49ers: Jim Harbaugh/Andrew Luck Storyline is Irrelevant

By Andrew Fisher
Jim Harbaugh
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

For the second straight week, Jim Harbaugh will be going up against one of his former college players. However, this time around, fans shouldn’t expect Andrew Luck to slap Harbaugh on the rear following the game. But that won’t stop many people and television analysts from talking about the QB going up against his former college coach. Honestly though, what does is it really matter once the game kicks off?

What really matters is that the Indianapolis Colts will be taking on the San Francisco 49ers in a battle of two teams trying to avoid starting 1-2.

The Colts have a new weapon at their disposal in the form of Trent Richardson and that storyline alone, is far more interesting than Harbaugh/Luck. Mainly because it will have an actual impact on the field. Who knows how effective Richardson will be after joining the Colts just a few days ago, but the 49ers now have to game plan for a new player.

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San Francisco is coming off an absolute shellacking this past weekend and they’ll be looking to rebound in a big way. A week three victory will get them right back on track to becoming the NFC’s top-seeded team. They sure as heck didn’t look like the defending NFC champs last Sunday and fans will be scratching their heads if they come out flat again against Indy.

Yes, it will be interesting to see how Luck plays in a tough road matchup. Yes, it will be interesting to see if Harbaugh can draw up a game plan to beat the Colts. But the fact that the two were affiliated in college, really means nothing come Sunday.


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