Kansas City Chiefs' Fans Are Smarter Than Yours

By Troy Alan
Howard Smith – USA Today Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs against the Philadelphia Eagles game on Thursday night lived up to its hype.  It was exciting through the final minutes.  Neither the fast, high-powered, thirty plus scoring offense of the Eagles, nor the Chiefs’ lockdown defense were in attendance.  The Philadelphia faithful were, however, and displayed some improvement… sort of.

Ultimately, the game was decided by turnovers and the points that resulted from them, as the Chiefs as they got the win 26-16.

Let’s look at some of the good and bad things that happened at Lincoln Financial stadium last night.

One of the good things that happened was the warm welcome Chiefs coach Andy Reid received in his first trip back to Philadelphia as an opposing coach. Eagles fans are infamous for their lewd behavior, like when they threw snowballs at Santa Claus in 1968.

In 2013 they welcomed their old coach home with applause and a video board tribute.  Classy, and the right thing to do for all Reid has done for them.

Eagles fans also top the list of bad things that happened in that game. They booed each time a Chiefs’ defensive player was injured, implying they were “faking it” to slow down the pace of the offense. This happened when both Chiefs’ cornerbacks Sean Smith and Brandon Flowers went down.

Ask Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, known for his fast-paced offenses as the head coach at Oregon this question: Would you rather keep the pace or be able to huddle, clock stopped, knowing one of the opponents starting cornerbacks would not be on the field the next play? I’m pretty sure his answer would be the latter.

It was an exciting game to watch and the players, coaches and organizations displayed great sportsmanship under difficult circumstances. The fans of Philadelphia started off well, but eventually displayed their renowned ignorance of the game itself.

I bet Reid would tell you the fans in Kansas City are much more intelligent.

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