LeSean McCoy Once Again Brilliant in Defeat for Philadelphia Eagles

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

LeSean McCoy once again dazzled the Philly faithful with many ankle breaking runs this time in defeat. Every time he touched the ball McCoy seemed to make something happen, and when he got hurt in the second quarter the offense just wasn’t the same.

Shady was the lone bright spot on the night. Michael Vick regressed big time in this affair and DeSean Jackson was for all intents and purposes shut out of the game by the Kansas City Chiefs‘ coverage schemes leaving a single safety high and rolling coverage toward Jackson.

This may have been the first game where the Philadelphia Eagles really missed the presence of Jeremy Maclin. Once McCoy went out and Jackson was taken out of the game by the defense there was no other viable threat that the Eagles could rely on. Riley Cooper simply doesn’t have the speed or quickness to beat man coverage consistently so he was rendered basically useless in this game.

As fun and exciting as this offense has been so far this season it was equally as dull and predictable on this night. It was a total slop fest. From turnovers to miscommunications nothing seemed to go right for 60 minutes.

Lost in all this is McCoy still played brilliant. He had 158 rushing yards on 20 carries averaging almost eight yards a carry, and he is on his way to a potentially  historic statistical season for an Eagles running back. It is a shame it is coming in a year which looks to not breed much success for the football team.

While the Eagles played admirably on defense they simply don’t have the horses yet to compete in this league. Similarly, on offense Vick’s expiration date may be coming up soon, and the Eagles desperately need to find a young signal caller to run this offense into the future.

McCoy’s stats while great felt a bit empty in what was a lost night for the Eagles. Hopefully,  in time we can start to enjoy the brilliance of the man they call “Shady”.

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