Philadelphia Eagles' Michael Vick Throws Another One Away

By christopherbrown
Kirby Lee USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles suffered their second straight home lost against the Kansas City Chiefs and former Eagle head coach, Andy Reid. The game was ugly early with two turnovers in one possession; the Eagles gave up 10 points to the Chiefs before most fans found their seats. Quarterback Michael Vick entered the game as one of three quarterbacks in the NFL that has yet to have thrown an interception. Now, that list is down to two. Vick was his usual charitable self, donating two telegraphed passes to players wearing the wrong colored jersey, the first of which resulting in a large man dancing in the end-zone.

There were many stories surrounding the match-up against the Chiefs; the reunion of the Eagles all-time winning-est coach in Reid, former Eagle quarterback, Donovan McNabb’s, jersey retirement, and the same old story with Vick coming up small in big moments. Vick looked great in the first two games of the regular season, but failed to take advantage of a Chiefs team that passed on the knockout-punch early and settled on going the distance. The Chiefs allowed for a combined 257 yards rushing for running back, LeSean McCoy, and Vick, while merely scoring 10 points in the second half and allowing the Eagles to stay in the game with one big play after another.

Despite the Eagles giving up five sacks and turnovers, the Chiefs gave Vick every opportunity to escape Lincoln Financial Field with a win, if only he wanted it. Yet, with Vick’s colossal street cred and swag, he’s not a winner, lacks killer instinct, and is likely to miss games if  his feelings are hurt. Are his highlights so intoxicating that winning no longer matters? Or is it just that unbearable to see a quarterback that could be from the planet “Krypton” holding a clipboard?

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